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Windsor Hill Wood Refuge is a woodland shelter: wild. beautiful, peaceful - originally inspired by the Pilsdon Community, Dorset. WHW aims to create an environment where people going through tough, uncertain times can come and reflect on life, having time in the understory, being held by the canopy, light and depth of the wood. 

We're a small community centred on what is a family home. We're essentially an "extended household" with half a dozen extra places laid at the table, and half a dozen extra beds. We offer traditional Christian hospitality to all, regardless of faith, race and so on. We hope to help people rediscover peace, silence and acceptance amidst the beauty and calling of the woods. Some people stay for a few nights, others a few months, and some for up to a year. Most people come to us because of an explicit personal crisis or because they suffer from depression or experience anxiety, whilst others come because they just feel dismayed by modern life and feel the need to reconnect with themselves and others.

Although very small, Windsor Hill Wood is a traditional working woodland. There's felling, planting, coppicing, mulching and clearing. There are ducks, chickens, sheep, pigs, and goats. We try and run the place in a sustainable way, wanting to revive the old-fashioned methods and tools of the bodger: shave-horses, pole-lathes, chisels, axes and knives. We're not against modernity - we use mechanics and tech as well - but we try to manage the wood in a quiet way. We make allsorts like, walking-sticks, spoons, chairs, stools, bowls and so on. We grow fruit and veg and share our meals together. Our rhythm of the day after the 9 o’clock meeting is working until break then until an optional silent time in our chapel by the pond at 12.30. After lunch afternoons are free to explore your own needs and creative outputs - walking with the sheep, walking the woods, learning a new skill, resting; any healthy pursuit possible - and everyone cooks, cleans and washes up, but not all the time!

We don't have many rules, but because some of the people here are dealing with addiction issues, the entire site is dry - meaning, of course, no alcohol - and is drug-free. We don't accept any violence, either verbal or physical.


There is a referral process, this form being the first stage. We aim to make Windsor Hill Wood a safe place for all those who live here. We do not accept people who have a history of, or convictions for, sexual abuse, arson or non-drug / alcohol related violence. 


All potential new guests are discussed sensitively with current residents. We understand that details provided on this form are personal, so please make us aware of any information you wish to remain confidential. However, should we feel anything you tell us affects the health and safety of yourself and others, we would need to share this.

Guest Application form.

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