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Many of our guests suffer from anxiety or depression, whilst others may struggle with addiction issues. Some have been homeless; others have lost confidence and need respite to regain self worth, learn new skills and feel able to contribute to the community and the wider world.

If you or anyone you know is in a period of difficulty in your life or you'd simply like time away to re-evaluate things, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.



We don't charge rent to guests though all of us contribute to a common purse for food and bills.  Because some of the people here are dealing with addiction issues, the entire site is dry - meaning, of course, no alcohol - and is drug-free. We don't accept any violence, physical or verbal.  As a Christian home offering hospitality, part of our rhythm of life includes the opportunity to pray silently together twice a day in our small but beautiful chapel.  Not all have a faith and attendance is optional, as it is for our weekly bible study.

We generate a large proportion of our electricity from 16 solar panels. As well as this we use a bio-mass boiler and, though we have to buy wood in occasionally, much of the wood is provided from some of the trees we fell.  We share the tasks involved in the management of the woodland, looking after our sheep and chickens and growing our own veg.  We eat our meals together and take it in turns to cook.  We host a thriving forest school and have a volunteer day every Wednesday.

Windsor Hill Wood is what it is because of the contributions of so many, near and far, be they volunteers who help on a Wednesday, local experts on woodland management, people who make financial contributions or the wide variety of guests who stay here for just a few days or many months. All have something to give and all receive something back too. Read about everyone involved in Windsor Hill Wood on our About Us page, or find out how to support us here.

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